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The New York City Kamera Kollektiv Talent Agency gives you one address where you can enlist the services of outstanding cinematographers who share a common cinematic sensibility. The camera women and men in the Kollektiv share a passion in making films that illuminate the human condition and bring about social change.


The cinematographers of the Kollektiv are known for their Cinema Verite hand-held skills, natural lighting techniques and strong story telling abilities. They share a background in narrative feature filmmaking. They bring knowledge of complex lighting set ups as well as dramatic storytelling techniques to the project. They are used to adapt to any project from an intimate unobtrusive style to leading a large crew in a full scale production.


The Kollektiv is the brain child of New York based Wolfgang Held, Claudia Raschke and Thorsten Thielow. The Kollektiv provides filmmakers greater flexibility as they try to navigate the often difficult maze of scheduling a DP for their productions, guaranteeing visual continuity no matter which member of the Kollektiv holds the camera.  

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