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Wolfgang Held



“I like to joke that I cut my teeth shooting dramatic features. Contrary to many DPs who start out in documentary and then graduate to features, I started filming narrative films and then focused on non-fiction films, especially character-driven ‘cinema verite’ films. During the years working with fiction directors and large crews, I have developed a passion for exploring the visual possibilities of story-telling, which I continue in my work on documentaries and commercials.


I started out spending two years hitchhiking around the world armed with a small camera. Doc style filming offers me a continuation of that freedom and spontaneity. I love the sense of adventure on trips around the globe and the deep human connections I make along the way.”


Wolfgang Held has assembled over 20 features and many more documentary credits. Among them are Brüno, Teeth, Metallica- Some Kind of Monster, the Oscar-nominated Children Underground, Crazy Love, Ripe, The Tic Code, Escape Fire, and the upcoming Showtime series Years of Living Dangerously. Held won an Emmy for his work on the PBS series Carrier.


Wolfgang lives with his wife, filmmaker Pola Rapaport, in Brooklyn, New York



Claudia Raschke



“Every time I pick up a camera to get ready to film, a new adventure starts. I consider film photography to be the ultimate synthesis of artistic expression. In my work, I choreograph a dance between the camera movements and the actors, painting with natural and artificial light, as I sculpt a three dimensional experience into a two dimensional plane.


Capturing the large or small moment feeds my passion for cinematography. Equally important, is to witness, and document, the unique story that unfolds, dismantling barriers, opening doors, and revealing truth. Filming this way is a journey into the depths of a life. The documentaries and dramatic features that I have shot for the past 20 years celebrate those unique lives. I can’t wait to explore the nature of my next project!”


Claudia Raschke has worked on many award winning documen- taries which include Particle Fever, Oscar nominated God is the bigger Elvis , Virgin Tales, Miss You Can Do, DUKE 91/92, the Peabody Award winning Black Magic, the Oscar short listed Mad Hot Ballroom, Oscar-nominated My Architect, Oscar-nominated Small Wonder,  Oscar nominated Sister Rose’s Passion, as well as various indie features like Kiss Me Guido and The Last Good Time.


Claudia publishes children’s books and lives with her family in Manhattan.

Thorsten Thielow



"I am compelled by political controversy that can create strong social impact, filmed in Cinéma Vérité - authentic and real. I am passionate about real stories with people at the center, the impact of their lives - a reflection of our times. While developing strong personal relationships with subjects, once the camera is rolling, I love melting in with my camera to become invisible.


For more than fifteen years, I have lived, worked, and traveled extensively from the most desolate regions of the world to the largest cities, shooting documentaries and commercials for primetime television and cinema.


I believe documentary film making needs to be equally spontaneous, genuine and visually stunning.  It has been my commitment to combine these three elements since my early work with the remarkable film makers of Stuttgart Documentary Film School in 1995.”


Thorsten Thielow was based in Cairo, Tunis, Washington DC, Mexico City, and, most recently in Rio de Janeiro, for over a decade. His work has been screened in prime time documentary feature films on the major European stations ARTE, ZDF and ARD. In the US his work can be seen on ABC, PBS, HBO, Showtime, National Geographic, and The History Channel.


Thorsten lives with his wife and their two children in Brooklyn, New York.

Martina Radwan



"Seeing the world unfold through a viewfinder allows me to concentrate on the essence of the moment. I “grew up” in features, which taught me to look for the core of a story and translate it into compelling visuals. Documentaries expand that idea by adding surprises, constant changes and a social context. I find nothing more beautiful then seeing rare emotions flowing between characters while the sunlight streams through a dusty window and skids off a wooden floor.  I feel fortunate that I am allowed to witness and capture these moments.


Using my camera to document real life’ characters in an intimate setting has allowed me to uncover social injustice and have an impact on audiences both, national and international."


Martina Radwan’s most recently released documentaries include the 2012 Academy winner / 2013 Emmy winner SAVING FACE, which also gained her a nomination for Best Cinematography. Other award winning titles include HOT COFFEE, WILLIAM KUNSTKER: DISTURBING THE UNIVERSE, BEAUTIFUL DARLING as well as FERRY TALES, a 2004 Academy Award nominee. Her narrative work includes THE KILLING FLOOR and TRAIN, both directed by Gideon Raff.


While pursuing her passion for cinematography, Martina devotes much of her time and resources to travel to Mongolia, where she runs a program for underprivileged teenagers.

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